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When the Rosemont Copper Mine is in full operation, the company anticipates employing an estimated 500 professionals, trades and labor over a period of 20 to 25 years. That will be in addition to the approximately 1,000 people who will be employed during construction and in support roles while the mine is in operation - employment for some 1,500 Arizona families for a full generation. Historically, mining jobs are among the highest-paying positions in Arizona.

Even though the Rosemont Copper project is still in the planning stages, we welcome inquiries from local residents seeking future employment.


In addition, at least another 1,000 indirect service and support jobs will be created, These indirect jobs will be for contractors and vendors providing goods and services to mine operations during the nearly two decades of operation.

Up to 1000 construction jobs will be available for the on-site construction phase. Building Rosemont Copper facilities should take 18 months, beginning as soon as all government permits are in place.

Construction of Rosemont Copper is expected to employ workers 10 hours per day, five days a week over 18 months. Employee levels will increase to about 125 in the second month and will peak at about 900 in the seventh month. Peak employment will be maintained for about five months. As construction is completed, the number of jobs will decline to about 225 by month 16 with 45 staff wrapping up the work by the last month.

Thank you for your interest in working with us.

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